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Finally, after years, a slightly different design, yippy!! For those of you who already knew my page, I also copyrighted my pictures, I know that they do not look as nice as they looked before, but too many idiots were stealing my pictures and using them for commercial purposes. For those of you who are interested in using my pictures for any purpose, please write me an email and I promise we will come to an agreement.

My friend Mathieu started to translate my page into French, thank you. The version will be online soon.

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  1. Breeding Reports and Related
  2. Travels and Insect Fairs
  3. Malaysia 2004
  4. Thailand and Malaysia 2005
  5. India 2006 - Finally There!
  6. Divert Topics - Beetles and Related
  7. Picture Gallery - Alive Stock
  8. Online Insect Museum - Deadstock
  9. Guest map


1. Breeding reports and related

  1. Substrate and introduction

  2. Keeping of the larvae

  3. Keeping the Imagines

  4. Hints for bigger Imagines

  5. List of Subspecies and their differences

  6. Weight Scales and Conclusion

2. Travels and Insect Fairs


3. Malaysia  2004


4. Malaysia and Thailand 2005

5. India 2006 - finally there

6. Divert Topics - Beetle related

7. Picture gallery

Over 313 species in more than 880 pictures, Thank you.:-)      Everybody who wants to, can exhibit his/her beetle pictures here:
(32 species)
(34 species)
(26 species)
(23 species)
(37 species)
16 species)
(23 species)
(16 species)
( 7 species)
(18 species)
(42 species)
(33 species)
(23 species)
( 7  species)

8. Online Insect Museum NEW NEW NEW

Here you can get many pictures of many many species. I took these photos in different collections of Museums and private collectors... Of course, all are under my copyright. All of them are specimen, but nonetheless worth being watched...


Genus Aegus

Genus Allotopus, Rhyssonotus, Lamprima, Phalacrognathus

Genus Hexarthrius, Rhaetulus, Rhaetus, Pseudorhaetus, Digonophorus

Genus Cyclommatus

Genus Dorcus

Genus Prosopocoilus

Genus Lucanus

Genus Neolucanus

Genus Odontolabis

Genus Odontolabis (Chalcodes)

South American Lucanidae (Chiasognathus, Aegognathus, Sphaenognathus, Casiognethus, Pycnosiphorus, Apterodorcus, Lepinopterus, etc.)

Diverse Genera (Platycerus, Ceruchus, Sinodendron, Prismognathus, Aesalus, Novonigidius, Gnaphaloryx, Mesotopus, Homoderus, etc.)


------Head and Mandible variations in Lucanus cervus cervus  (Pictures taken in the Natural Museum  of History in Aschaffenburg)

------Head and Mandible variations in Lucanus maculifemoratus maculifemoratus of Japan


Other Genera





Cicindelinae New New New


Benjamin Harink 

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